Kentucky Weatherization Day 2017
Left with a house in desperate need of repairs, and a mounting pile of bills, 69-year-old widow Sylvia Burton turned to Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission (NKCAC) for assistance. Through NKCAC’s Senior Home Repair Program, Burton was able to have repairs made on her front porch where her corner porch post had dropped down from the roof. This program allowed Burton to have one less concern with her home without worrying about additional bills piling up. IMG_0691 When her husband passed away in 2009, Burton could not afford the debts left behind, nor could she save for the much-needed repairs. Burton said, “I don’t know what I would have done if someone hadn’t told me about the center.”   NKCAC’s Senior Home Repair Program is part of the Weatherization Assistance Program, which is in the nation’s largest residential energy efficiency network. Trained inspectors with state-of-the art equipment aim to reduce the cost of energy for low-income families by professionally evaluating single family dwellings, multi-family dwellings, and mobile homes for safety and energy efficiency.   The Home Repair Program is dedicated to creating safe, affordable communities where home ownership is one of the paths to self-reliance.   “Ms. Burton’s home was one of the many homes we were able to provide weatherization and repair services for this past year,” says Kurt Krahn, NKCAC’s Director of Housing and Weatherization. “The impacts of this program are far reaching as we are helping individuals and families that would not be able to make these repairs on their own.  We are excited to be able to provide these services to our thankful clients.”     NKCAC’s weatherization services has achieved “program of excellent” designation and “most innovative” award three of the four years the Cabinet for Families and Children gave these awards.