Success Story: Agency Volunteer Gets More Than She Expected
As part of receiving support from the State through the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, all adult participants are required to either work or volunteer for 30 hours per week.  Our neighborhood center in Pendleton County had one such volunteer who got more than she expected from her volunteering experience. When she started, Shelly wasn’t sure what she wanted to do.  That’s when Jo Ellen Dawson, the manager of the Pendleton center, started working with her.  During down time and when neither was working on other projects, they began discussing Shelly’s career goals.  The work didn’t stop there.  Together, Jo Ellen and Shelly worked on writing Shelly’s resume.  They worked together to search for jobs and worked through mock interviews, giving Shelly more confidence in her ability to get the job she interviewed for.  After seraching and working hard, Shelly was called in to interview at a local long-term care facility.  The work that she and Jo Ellen did paid off.  Shelly was hired and received training to be a Certified Nursing Assistant. Shelly is just one of the thousands of individuals and families who receive help from our dedicated, professional staff every year.  If you would like to help families find their way to independence, make your tax deductible donation today.