Housing Security

Stable housing is the basic building block for family self-sufficiency, yet many households struggle with housing barriers. Homelessness is often hidden in our community and takes many forms.

Families and individuals are:

  • living doubled up with family members or friends, often without the protection of a lease
  • couch-hopping (staying at different houses or locations, with or without a plan for permanent housing)
  • sleeping in cars or RV’s
  • staying at hotels or motels for extended periods
  • living  in remote, out-of-sight places

All are examples of homelessness. The National Alliance to End Homelessness reports that over the course of a year, about half of homeless people are families with children. Low wages and a shortage of affordable housing are cited by most housing experts as the primary causes of  homelessness.  Homelessness is the result of a series of events or factors, often beyond the control of the family and unable to be solved without dedicated  support.

NKCAC’s Community Services staff are available to provide information, referral, advocacy and case management for families threatened with or experiencing homelessness. Community Services can also provide services and assistance to individuals and families at risk of losing their housing, to determine the best set of resources and actions to restore housing stability. Call the Neighborhood Center in your county for more information.

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