Poverty Simulation

The Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission’s Poverty Simulation is a unique experience designed to help your group or organization develop empathy for the thousands of families experiencing poverty in the United States today. By role-playing as families and individuals living in poverty and navigating situations that these individuals and families experience daily, participants are exposed to experiences that may be unfamiliar and uncomfortable for them.

The Poverty Simulation is not a game. It is an experience that allows participants to experience a month in poverty by role-playing through specific scenarios designed to mirror the struggles thousands of families and individuals experience every single day. Participants must navigate various social services for assistance, attend work or school, and care for their family members – all in a limited amount of time.

Poverty Simulation

If you’re interested in learning more about our Poverty Simulation program or scheduling a session for your group or organization, please contact:

Dawn Fogarty
Vice President for Family Services
859 581-6607


Florence Tandy
Executive Director of NKCAC

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