Energy Assistance

The cost of heating the home during the winter can be a burden for many households. That’s why NKCAC’s network of neighborhood centers provides a variety of programs to help families and individuals manage their heating bills. Staff can provide tips and ideas for lowering energy use and also take applications for Weatherization services.

Community-Services-3-1024x768The largest and best known of NKCAC’s energy assistance programs is the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

LIHEAP Subsidy component runs in November and December of each year. The program provides a credit or payment to a household’s primary heating source, including utility companies and bulk fuel vendors. The program is available based on the household’s total income, and no disconnection notice is needed.

LIHEAP Crisis component begins in January and has the same income eligibility as the Subsidy component with the additional requirement that the household must have a “disconnect” notice from their utility company or they must self-certify that they are within four days of running out of their bulk fuel.  The Crisis component operates on a first come first serve basis and will be in operation until March 31st or until funds have been expended.

Throughout much of the year, staff can provide emergency assistance if a household has an energy crisis.

Please contact a Neighborhood Center in your county to find out how to apply for LIHEAP as well as what other services your household may be eligible for.

NKCAC FY17 Crisis Flyer-1

Community Services staff provide energy education, advocacy and support for families to help them manage their energy burdens. WinterCare is a privately funded program available throughout Kentucky, with assistance available according to whether a family’s utility provider participates in the WinterCare program.

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