Making a difference: Nikki’s story
Four-year-old Nikki's vision issue was caught in before she lost her vision in one eye completely.
Nikki’s vision issue was caught before she lost her vision in one eye completely.
  Four-year-old Nikki loves learning and playing. Her teachers at our Elsmere Head Start center called with a request for her to receive a vision screening after they noticed her bumping into things. After performing a vision screen onsite, we referred her mother for a vision exam. Nikki received glasses, but the Head Start team noticed that there were still issues for her seeing clearly. She was referred again to a specialist at Cincinnati Children’s and was found to be losing vision in one eye. Thanks to the resources of our attentive teachers, the vision issue is being treated, and she is no longer at risk of losing her vision. Our services offered to students and their families made a difference in Nikki’s life.
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