Get Into the Act

Posted Wednesday May 27, 2015 by Florence Tandy

The following is a poem written by a member of the Senior Employment Program for our 2015 Training Event.

I Am Getting Into The Act

Written by Cynthia S. Kay
 for the 2015 NKCAC Senior Employment Extravaganza

 Just because I’m getting older
There is so much that I can do
Instead of sitting around daydreaming
I must Get Into the Act
And come talk to you
I hear there is a program
For seniors who want something to do
That’s right down my alley
Cause it appears opportunities are few
I am applying for SCSEP
They have Employment Specialists there
And though I have lots of questions
They take time to listen
And they have resources to share
They encourage me to use my gifts and talents
To do the best that I can do
To volunteer where they send me
So others are aware of my talents too
Like knowing I am dependable
And will show up on time
And the tasks that they assign me
Will be completed just fine
I may be retired and a little disabled
Can’t do all the things I used to do
I am proud to be a Senior
And I want you to know
I am Getting Into the Act
Wherever I may go

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