2010 Annual Meeting
On July 26, 2010, Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission held our Annual Meeting and Dinner at the Airport Hilton.   Following a fantastic dinner, we celebrated the year by presenting awards to some of our valued partners.  In recognition of his years of service as a member of our Board of Directors, Carl Baumann was awarded the Doris Weidemann Award for Board Service.  
Jennifer Belisle, Deputy Director, presents JoEllen Dawson with the Community Services Award.
JoEllen Dawson, Pendleton County Neighborhood Center Manager, was recognized with our Community Services Award.  Jo has worked at our Pendleton County Neighborhood Center since July of 2005, during which time she has led a campaign to make the Center strength-focused in all the work we do with families.      JoEllen has received her Family Development Credential and mentored several other employees throughout the process as their Portfolio Advisor.   In addition to the Family Development work that she does with families through a variety of programs (Homelessness prevention and rehousing, assisting families in applying for Social Security, etc), JoEllen is chairperson for Salvation Army in Pendleton Co and chairperson for the Community Services Alliance.  She has worked with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program through the IRS since 2007.  Lisa Reed from the IRS also attended the Annual Meeting to give JoEllen an award for appreciation for all the work she does for that program.  Jo has been instrumental in supporting the development of self-reliance with families and in bettering our agency.
All award recipients gather together at our Annual Meeting.
Head Start Partner of the Year Award was presented to the PNC Foundation and Cincinnati Museum Center for the work they have done regarding Science education for Head Start children.  In addition to sponsoring a wonderful Night at the Museum each year, PNC Foundation and the Cincinnati Museum Center have provided Science resources for the classrooms and trained Head Start teachers to incorporate Science into their curriculum.     YouthBuild Partner of the Year this year is Gap FoundationGap, Inc says of their own work with non-profit organizations, “We consider the organizations we support to be partners, not “grantees.” Likewise, we consider ourselves not as funders, but as social investors who believe in leveraging our company assets and linking our partners to assets beyond cash. We call this effort “link and leverage.””  This is exactly the reason that the Gap Foundation was chosen as our YouthBuild Partner of the Year.  
Norm Solomon speaks about the incredible partnership that Gap, Inc and YouthBuild have developed over the last year.
In addition to providing financial support (which they are increasing by 50% for this year), Gap, Inc has provided our YouthBuild Hired Hands with clothing (some for free and some at a great discount), attended our graduation ceremonies and other celebrations and worked with our Hired Hands on the site of the Habitat for Humanity home that Gap employees are building.  We are incredibly grateful for the positive and mutually beneficially relationship that we have developed with Gap, Inc.  Northern Kentucky Area Development District was honored as our Funding Partner of the Year.  NKADD funds us for a variety of programs including HEARTH (the ARRA-funded Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing Fund for the area), USDA Commodity distribution in seven of our Neighborhood Centers, and Rural Homeless Case Management.  These funds and resources are extremely important to the operation of our Neighborhood Centers and to the families who benefit from them.    Jennifer Belisle created the following slideshow to review the last year of work we have done:  [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm71soQj56E]