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45 Families Moving In To Lincoln Grant Scholar House
New Home Kits & Household Donations Requested

 Head Start Centers
Receive Highest Rating – 5 STAR
Only the Second Center in the Commonwealth to Rank this High
Apply online for Head Start and Early Head Start.

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Our 2014 – 2015 Report to the Community

Since 1966, we have worked with hard-working families, offering them the resources, knowledge, and skills they need to realize their full potential.
Although we offer immediate relief in times of need, our focus in on restoring families to self-reliance so they can retake control of their lives.  The
“community” in our middle name is all of our neighbors, friends, board members, volunteers, staff, participants, and YOU.  We rely on all of you to
be a part of our vision for thriving communities filled with supportive neighbors, safe street, and secure futures.

Strengths Based Support

Our trained, professional staff is here to work with you on your goals.  We work alongside you, as a supportive partner, helping you find your path to success.

A Wide Variety of Programs

Whether you are looking for professional preschool education, help with an energy, employment, or help starting a business,  we are here to help

Community Based Services

Our Community Services staff live and work in the neighborhoods they serve.  They are their to offer a hand-up and are always willing to listen to your needs.

Long Term Life Changes

Our goal is to help the families we serve find a safe and secure future so that they can work to create safe and secure neighborhoods.

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