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From Surviving to Thriving: NKCAC’s Five Year Strategic Plan

On February 26th the NKCAC Board of Directors approved the Agency’s 2018-2022  strategic plan.  The vision, mission and values of the organization were reaffirmed and the overarching goal of the strategic plan is to help families achieve self-reliance.

Need help with your home heating costs?

Low Income Home Energy Assistance  Program (LIHEAP) Crisis is now available.  For more information visit our Energy Assistance page.  Please schedule a meeting with one of our staff members to get this process started

Strengths Based Support

Our trained, professional staff is here to work with you on your goals.  We work alongside you, as a supportive partner, helping you find your path to success.

A Wide Variety of Programs

Whether you are looking for professional preschool education, help with an energy, employment, or help starting a business,  we are here to help

Community Based Services

Our Community Services staff live and work in the neighborhoods they serve.  They are their to offer a hand-up and are always willing to listen to your needs.

Long Term Life Changes

Our goal is to help the families we serve find a safe and secure future so that they can work to create safe and secure neighborhoods.

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